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Cracks in tiles are a common problem in many households. Not only can they affect the appearance of your premises, they can also lead to further damage.

The solution: BLUFIXX SMART REPAIR for tiles offers an advanced method for repairing tiles. Permanently and successfully – without the need for a hammer and chisel.

Origin and types of tile cracks

There are numerous reasons why tiles can crack. These include mechanical stress and temperature fluctuations. The damage can take the form of anything from fine hairline cracks to clearly visible fractures.

Different types of tile damage:

  • Hairline cracks
  • fractures
  • spalling
Expert tip:

Regular inspection of the tiles can help to detect damage at an early stage.

Why repairing tile cracks is important

Untreated tile cracks can lead to moisture damage and mold growth. This can affect the appearance of your premises and even reduce the value of your property.


Repairing tile cracks is important to avoid structural and aesthetic problems. Surrounding tiles are also protected.

BLUFIXX SMART REPAIR for tiles: An innovative solution

BLUFIXX SMART REPAIR for tiles is a special repair kit consisting of a repair pen and an LED light with matching batteries. It was developed to repair tile cracks quickly and permanently. The repair pen is available in white and black and is suitable for various types of tiles.

Features of BLUFIXX:

  • Easy to use
  • Durable repair
  • Versatility due to different color variants

BLUFIXX SMART REPAIR for tiles is a simple and effective solution for permanently repairing tile cracks. This means you do not have to replace your tiles.

Step-by-step instructions for BLUFIXX SMART REPAIR

The application of BLUFIXX SMART REPAIR for tiles is very simple. It can be carried out at home in just a few steps:

Step 1: Preparing the damaged tile

  • Clean the damaged area thoroughly.
  • Remove loose dirt and dust.

Step 2: Application of the BLUFIXX set

  • Apply the BLUFIXX gel from the pen to the crack.
  • Use the enclosed LED light to cure the gel.

Tips for an optimal result:

  • Work in a well-ventilated area.
  • Apply the gel in thin layers.
  • Remove excess material before curing with the LED light.
  • For an even result, lightly sand the repaired area after curing.
Good to know:

If you want to repair gray or marbled surfaces, simply mix the white with the black repair gel!


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What our customers say

Testimonials from our customers show that BLUFIXX effectively repairs chipped tiles, tile cracks, chipped edges and even drill holes. Many customers emphasize the ease of use and the durability of the results.

Why BLUFIXX is the best choice

Instead of removing tiles, BLUFIXX is a durable and cost-effective repair solution. It is easy to use and requires no special tools or expertise.

Advantages of BLUFIXX:

  • Cost effective
  • Easy to apply
  • Permanent result

BLUFIXX outperforms conventional repair methods in terms of cost, ease of use and durability. In addition, the use of BLUFIXX contributes to sustainability by preventing the need to replace tiles. This conserves resources and supports environmentally conscious action.

Repair in seconds

Thanks to our advanced, light-curing technology, you can repair your everyday objects in just a few seconds. Simply apply BLUFIXX SMART REPAIR and cure directly with blue light.

Whether glass, stone, metal, plastic or other surfaces and materials. With BLUFIXX SMART REPAIR you can repair cracks and damage or fill in missing parts.

Discover now our Product variety and let us convince you of their effectiveness!

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Can BLUFIXX be used on all types of tiles?

BLUFIXX is suitable for most types of tile.

Is BLUFIXX complicated to use?

The set is designed so that it can also be used by non-professionals.

Can BLUFIXX be used for deep cracks?

BLUFIXX is also suitable for deeper cracks and even drill holes. However, you may need several coats of the gel for these repairs.

How long does the gel have to harden?

The gel hardens under the LED light within a few seconds.

Is BLUFIXX weatherproof?

The repaired result is weather and moisture resistant.

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