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It’s a common situation that everyone who wears glasses is familiar with: you drop your glasses, accidentally sit on them or the temples come loose. These little mishaps can quickly lead to a broken or damaged spectacle frame.

There are many household remedies, such as glue or adhesive tape, which are often considered as a quick fix. However, these often do not offer a permanent solution as they make the glasses unsightly or the repair does not last long.

BLUFIXX SMART REPAIR offers an effective and sustainable solution. Find out in this blog post how BLUFIXX can help to repair your glasses quickly and effectively with its innovative light-curing technology.


BLUFIXX SMART REPAIR – A revolutionary technology for eyeglass repairs

The BLUFIXX SMART REPAIR repair pens for plastic and wood as well as for plastic offer a new solution for gluing your glasses. The conventional adhesive is replaced by a light-curing repair gel, which is characterized by its simplicity, precision and flexibility.

Damaged temples or cracks in the frame are no longer a problem with these innovative repair pens. The repair gel is easy to apply and can be shaped as desired. Thanks to the illumination with blue LED light, the gel hardens within a few seconds so that you can use your glasses again immediately.

  • BLUFIXX SMART REPAIR for plastic and wood (PW repair pen):

Ideal for repairing plastic and wood materials such as ABS, PS, SAN, ASA, SB, PVC, CN, CAB, PC, melamine resins and GRP polyester. Not suitable for PP, PE, PTFE, POM and PMMA.

  • BLUFIXX SMART REPAIR for plastic:

Perfect for repairing holes or cracks in plastic surfaces. Here too, the light-curing technology makes it possible to adjust the repair gel before curing


Step-by-step guide: How to repair your glasses

If your glasses are damaged, it is important to repair them quickly and effectively so as not to impair your vision. This is where BLUFIXX SMART REPAIR comes into play. With its light-curing repair gel, you can repair your glasses effortlessly.

Below you will find detailed instructions on how to repair your glasses with BLUFIXX SMART REPAIR:


  • Make sure that the glasses are clean and free of dust and grease.
  • Select the appropriate BLUFIXX SMART REPAIR repair pen for your spectacle frame.

Application of the BLUFIXX repair gel

  • Apply the repair gel evenly to the damaged area.
  • Model the gel so that it complements the shape of the spectacle frame.

Curing the repair gel

  • Irradiate the repair gel with the blue LED light. It will harden within 3 to 15 seconds.
  • Make sure that the entire gel is reached by the light so that it can cure completely.


  • After curing, the repaired spectacle frame can be finished as required, for example by sanding, varnishing or polishing.

With these instructions, you can repair your glasses quickly and effectively to ensure clear vision and a comfortable wearing experience.

BLUFIXX SMART REPAIR offers you the opportunity to repair your glasses cost-effectively and sustainably without having to buy new glasses.


The advantages of using BLUFIXX SMART REPAIR

BLUFIXX SMART REPAIR is more than just a repair product. It offers a fast, practical and cost-effective solution for various repair needs.

  • For everyone: Easy application and fast curing make it the ideal tool for both DIY enthusiasts and professionals.
  • Cost-efficient: With BLUFIXX you can avoid expensive repairs or new purchases.
  • Versatile: From eyeglasses to furniture to toys, BLUFIXX can be used on a wide variety of materials.

Discover our wide range of products now and let us convince you of their effectiveness!

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With the BLUFIXX SMART REPAIR repair pen, you can easily repair your glasses yourself. Apply the repair gel, cure with the LED light and your glasses are ready for use again.


No, with the BLUFIXX SMART REPAIR repair pen you can repair your glasses in the comfort of your own home. This saves you a trip to the optician and any costs incurred.


Broken glasses can be easily repaired with the BLUFIXX SMART REPAIR repair pen. Simply apply the repair gel, cure with the blue LED light and the glasses are like new again.

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