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Metal is an essential part of many structures and objects in our everyday lives. But when metal breaks or is damaged, it can be a challenge to repair it.

Whether sheet metal, cast iron or stainless steel. All of these materials have particularly high requirements for a reliable adhesive bond. But with the right metal adhesive, tools and other metal parts can be repaired.

Our BLUFIXX SMART REPAIR for metal, glass and stone offers you an innovative solution to this problem. With this special adhesive, you can bond metal effectively and permanently.

Challenges when bonding metal

Bonding metal requires a great deal of precision and the right material. This is because metal has a hard and often smooth surface.

Typical problems when bonding metal:

  • Difficulty in achieving a strong and permanent bond
  • Risk of corrosion (chemical reaction) if not handled properly
Expert tip:

Ensure that the metal surfaces are thoroughly cleaned and degreased before bonding.

BLUFIXX for metal, glass and stone: The ideal solution

BLUFIXX SMART REPAIR is not just an adhesive, but an innovative repair kit. It has been specially developed for difficult materials such as metal.

Properties of BLUFIXX:

  • Easy to use
  • Strong bonding power
  • Resistance to corrosion

Technical term: “Bonding strength” refers to the ability of the adhesive to permanently bond two surfaces together.


BLUFIXX offers a strong and durable solution for bonding metal.

Step-by-step instructions: Bonding metal with BLUFIXX SMART REPAIR

Bonding metal with BLUFIXX SMART REPAIR is a precise process that should be carried out with care.

This is how it works:

Step 1: Preparation of the metal parts to be bonded

  • Clean the breakage points thoroughly.
  • Make sure that the parts are dry and dust-free.

Step 2: Application of the BLUFIXX set

  • Apply a thin layer of BLUFIXX gel to one of the breakage points.
  • Carefully join the parts together.
  • Use the enclosed UV light to cure the gel.

Tips for an optimal result

  • Avoid air bubbles when applying the gel.
  • Remove excess gel before curing.
  • Apply light pressure to the bonded parts for a few seconds to ensure optimum bonding.

Careful preparation and application are crucial for a successful repair with BLUFIXX SMART REPAIR. Ideally, the result will look as if you had applied metal to metal. Without high temperatures.

Testimonials from our customers

Numerous customers have already successfully used BLUFIXX SMART REPAIR to repair their metal objects and have shared their positive experiences with us. The testimonials confirm the effectiveness and user-friendliness of BLUFIXX SMART REPAIR when repairing metal.

BLUFIXX compared to other bonding methods

BLUFIXX SMART REPAIR performs better than conventional adhesives for metal. In particular, it is a suitable adhesive in terms of durability, aesthetics and ease of use.


  • Easy and clean application
  • Strong and durable bond
  • Aesthetically pleasing and transparent result

BLUFIXX SMART REPAIR outperforms conventional bonding methods for metal in many respects. It is UV-resistant and supports an environmentally friendly and sustainable approach to metal repair. The service life of metal objects is extended, reducing the need to buy new ones.

Order today and get started soon!

Bonding metal with BLUFIXX SMART REPAIR is not only simple, but also effective. Use BLUFIXX SMART REPAIR to fill cracks or damage or add missing parts on almost all surfaces and materials. This includes stone, metal and plastic. Thanks to our innovative light-curing technology, you can repair your everyday objects in just a few seconds with our two-component adhesive.

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Can BLUFIXX be used for all types of metal?

BLUFIXX is suitable for most types of metal.

Can BLUFIXX be used for bonding heavy metal?

BLUFIXX is also suitable for bonding metal with higher strength.

How long does it take for BLUFIXX to cure?

BLUFIXX hardens in seconds under the enclosed UV light.

Is the result of the repair with BLUFIXX waterproof?

BLUFIXX is waterproof and resistant to everyday influences.

Is BLUFIXX heat-resistant?

BLUFIXX is also heat-resistant after curing.

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