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BLUFIXX cleaning shots for refilling - effective & efficient


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BLUFIXX Shots for easy household cleaning

Our Blufixx cleaning shots are high-dose concentrates that have been developed to fulfil all common household cleaning tasks in an efficient and environmentally friendly way.

Each refill shot contains 25 ml of concentrate and is enough to optimally refill a 500 ml spray bottle. This reduces plastic waste and supports sustainable cleaning.

BLUFIXX Power Concentrate All-Purpose Cleaner 25 ml

The Blufixx cleaning shot with highly concentrated all-purpose cleaner is your versatile solution for a clean and fresh environment. Ideal for cleaning a wide variety of surfaces in the kitchen, household or office, the highly concentrated cleaning agent ensures long-lasting cleanliness and less plastic consumption.



  • Efficient cleaning
  • Environmentally conscious choice
  • Long-lasting freshness

BLUFIXX Power Concentrate Bathroom Cleaner 25 ml

Our Blufixx cleaning shot with strong bathroom cleaner concentrate effortlessly removes limescale, soap residue and dirt without damaging surfaces. For sparkling results and a fresh fragrance throughout the bathroom.




  • Removes limescale and soap residue
  • Gentle on surfaces
  • Fresh fragrance

BLUFIXX Power Concentrate Floor Cleaner 25 ml

The Blufixx floor cleaner concentrate in a practical cleaning shot offers effective and environmentally friendly cleaning for all types of hard floor coverings. Ensure thorough cleaning and care of your floors.



  • Suitable for all hard floors
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Efficient cleaning

BLUFIXX Power Concentrate kitchen cleaner/grease remover 25ml

The Blufixx kitchen cleaner/grease remover concentrate has been specially developed to remove stubborn grease and dirt in your kitchen. Look forward to a clean, fresh and hygienic kitchen.



  • Fights stubborn grease
  • Hygienic cleanliness
  • Fresh fragrance

BLUFIXX spray bottle and cleaning shots – an unbeatable combination

The Blufixx Shot spray bottle has been specially developed for use with our cleaning concentrates.

With a capacity of 500 ml and an easy-to-use trigger, it enables even distribution of the cleaning solution and ensures optimum results.

Sustainable cleaning – quick, easy and efficient

By using our Blufixx cleaning shots, you significantly reduce plastic waste. A smart choice for environmentally conscious consumers who prioritise quality and sustainability.

Our products are the ideal solution for a clean and hygienic household and can be used effectively in almost any area. With the specially developed spray bottle, you can apply the cleaning agents efficiently to the relevant surfaces.

What are you waiting for?
With the high-dose concentrates, you can achieve excellent cleaning results and protect the environment at the same time.